Horse Stalls

The high-quality horse stall with sliding door or hinged door is an essential piece of equestrian equipment for any stable or barn. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, HOPE HORSE horse stall provides a safe and comfortable environment for your horses. Our horse stall is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure the well-being of your horses like strong steel and wood materials, smooth surface with non rusty HDG or non toxic powder coated treatment. 

- Wooden Horse Stables with Hinged Door

Horse Stalls with Hinged door

This type front door is distinguished by its Smile Arch design — a graceful curve that adorns the entrance. This distinctive arch not only adds a touch of architectural brilliance but also creates an environment that reflects the joy and comfort we wish to provide for your equine companions.

Experience the epitome of convenience with our Hinged Door design. Engineered for smooth operation, the door swings open effortlessly, providing a familiar and secure entrance for your horses.

The Arch Hinged Door contributes to a light and airy atmosphere within the stall. This design facilitates air circulation, enhancing ventilation and creating a space where your horse can breathe freely, promoting overall well-being.

Express your unique style with customizable finishes for the Smile Arch Hinged Door. Choose from a variety of colors, materials, and detailing options.

Product Details


绿色 Powder coating provides an even and consistent finish, with no drips or sags, ensuring a smooth and high-quality appearance.

蓝色 The design of the handles, with brass balls and steel plate, adds an aesthetic touch to the handles, making it easy to grip and handle.

黄色 Bamboo has a distinctive and attractive appearance, providing a warm and natural aesthetic that can enhance the overall look of the horse stall.

红色 Aluminum feeding board facilitates easy feeding and maintenance tasks, providing a convenient solution for caretakers to access.

Different Types for you

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Length10', 12', 14 and Custom sizes (from 3m to 6m)
Height86", 90" 96" and custom height (from 2.2m to 2.5m)
Square Tube Frame2"x2”(50x50mm), Grills:1”(25mm)
Surface TreatmentHot Dip Galvanized Finish or Powder Coating Finish (Black, Red, Hunter Green, Navy, etc)
Infilled OptionBamboo Wood, Pine Wood, and Plastic Board



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