Barn Equipment

HopeHorse specializes in customizing stable equipment, barn doors, barn windows, paddock doors and other horse barn equipments for top horse farms, equestrian schools, and private barns. Using high-quality materials, our products ensure the safety of horses and personnel while maintaining durability and aesthetic appeal. Here, you can choose the windows, door gates, and other elements you need. Our designers will create the perfect design according to your requirements.

Introducing our premium range of stable doors, designed to enhance the safety and beauty of your horse barn. 

Our sliding horse barn doors are perfect for maximizing space in tight areas, while our classic swing horse door designs add a touch of traditional elegance. Each end barn door is made from high strength steel, aluminium and wood material for exceptional durability and weather resistance. With customized sizes and a wide range of colour options, you can find the perfect style for your stable. Upgrade your barn today with our secure, stylish and practical horse barn dutch doors.

We offer a wide range of sliding and hinged horse Dutch doors, crafted to combine functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're looking for standard designs or unique, custom horse barn door ideas, we can accommodate your specific needs. Additionally, we welcome your custom horse barn door ideas and can work with you to create a design that perfectly matches your vision and requirements. Whether it's a special color, unique hardware, or specific dimensions, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life.

Hinged Barn Door

•Heavy-duty door fram

•Fully adjustable hinges

•Stainless steel hinge bolts

•Available with powder coating or hot-dip galvanized for long-lasting results

•Easy-to-use latch system•Surrounded by heavy-duty angle steel for easy installation

Exterior Sliding Barn Door Components:

•Smooth Track and roller System

•Door stops

•Easy to grab handle

•High-quality horse barn door hardware to ensure smooth opening and closing

•Heavy-duty steel frame

•Available with standard bamboo wood, pine wood or plastic board infill

•Available with powder coating or hot-dip galvanized

•Interior and exterior door pulls available

Keep your horses safe with horse stall gate that combines strength and reliability.

A horse stall gate can control the entry and exit of horses, preventing them from escaping at inappropriate times or places. With a dutch door, management personnel can more conveniently enter and exit the stall for daily feeding and cleaning tasks. When training horses, dutch front doors can help managers control the activity area of horses and create a safe and controlled training environment.

Barn windows provide an economical and effective solution for ventilation and natural lighting, allowing your horses to breathe fresh air and enjoy comfortable outdoor weather. 

Good ventilation is crucial for horse barns and barn windows increase air circulation within the barn, creating a healthier environment. Our custom barn windows combine functionality with an elegant appearance. Customize your barn windows with HOPE HORSE!