About Us

Welcome to Hope Horse Equine Products, where precision craftsmanship meets innovation in the world of equestrian sports.

At the heart of our operations is a team of skilled artisans with a passion for both horses and the art of craftsmanship. We bring together the traditional skills of woodworking and metalworking with a modern and creative approach to design. The result is a collection of horse jumps that not only meet the stringent safety standards of the equestrian industry but also stand out as works of art in the arena.

Safety is our top priority. Each jump that leaves our workshop undergoes rigorous quality control processes to ensure it meets and exceeds industry safety standards.

As a customer-centric company, we value the relationships we build with our clients. We work closely with riders, trainers, and event organizers to understand their unique requirements and preferences. This collaborative approach allows us to create customized jumps that align with the vision of each event and the individual needs of our customers.

With a global mindset, we are not only a local supplier but also a partner for equestrian events around the world. Our products have been featured in some of the most prestigious competitions, and we continue to expand our reach to bring the quality and craftsmanship of our jumps to new audiences.


With more than 15 years production and exporting experience, Up to today, besides high quality products and excellent service, the company also offers customers the unique, innovative product design and solution plans to keep customers ahead of the curve. Honesty and Reliability are rated by customers to SHINE HOPE. Our own factory and partner factories can help you conveniently source items from one place. One-Stop sourcing platform reduces the cost and risks for the clients.

Technical Expertise
Strong knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes related to equestrian industry.
Innovative Design Capability
Creativity and a keen eye for innovative and visually appealing jump designs.
Efficient Manufacturing Processes
Streamlined and efficient production processes.Meeting deadlines, fulfilling orders promptly
Craftsmanship Skills
A strong foundation in woodworking, metalworking, or related craftsmanship
Safety Standards Compliance
Ensure that your jumps adhere to industry safety standards. Prioritize the well-being of horses and riders
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