Horse Jumps

Horse show jump wings are essential components of the sport of show jumping. Jump wings are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as PVC, aluminum, or wood. These materials allow for easy assembly and transportation of the jumps. The height of the jumps can be easily modified by changing the placement of the poles on the wings. This adjustability accommodates the varying skill levels of horses and riders, ensuring that the competition is both challenging and fair.Horse show jump wings often feature decorative elements and colors that contribute to the overall theme of the event. The aesthetics are not only for visual appeal but also serve to engage spectators and create an atmosphere of excitement during the competition.

- Water Jumps

Horse Jump Accessories

Show jumping water trays are specialized equipment used in show jumping courses to simulate water obstacles.

They are placed under the jumping poles or rails to create the visual effect of a water jump. Show jumping water trays are typically made of durable plastic material that is resistant to impact, cracking, and weather conditions. This ensures the longevity of the trays, even with regular use and exposure to outdoor elements.

Water trays are easy to clean and maintain. This helps keep the trays in good condition and ready for future use.

Product Details

HOPE HORSE Water Trays

  • Made of high quality PVC canvas and foam, ensuring durability and longevity and easy to move.

  • We offer a range of customization options, allowing you to create a course that aligns perfectly with your event's theme and difficulty level.

  • Water jumps add a dynamic element to horse show jumps, enhancing both the visual spectacle and the technical challenge. 

Circular Type Water Jumps

Customized colors

Dia. 1m

Rectangular Type Liverpools

Customized colors

Size: 0.5x3m; 1x1m; 1x3m; 1.8x3m; 1.2x3.5m; 1.5x3.5m; 3x4m

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