Horse Jumps

Horse show jump wings are essential components of the sport of show jumping. Jump wings are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as PVC, aluminum, or wood. These materials allow for easy assembly and transportation of the jumps. The height of the jumps can be easily modified by changing the placement of the poles on the wings. This adjustability accommodates the varying skill levels of horses and riders, ensuring that the competition is both challenging and fair.Horse show jump wings often feature decorative elements and colors that contribute to the overall theme of the event. The aesthetics are not only for visual appeal but also serve to engage spectators and create an atmosphere of excitement during the competition.

- Safety Cups & Tracks

Horse Jump Accessories

Safety cups, also known as breakaway cups or jump cups, are attachments used to hold the jump poles or rails in place on the jump standards. They are designed to release or break away under excessive pressure, reducing the risk of injury to the horse and rider in case of a misjudged jump. Safety cups promote safety by allowing the poles to dislodge easily if struck forcefully.

The keyhole track is characterized by its distinctive keyhole-shaped opening, which allows for easy insertion and removal of jump cups. It enables a range of height adjustments for jump cups. This adjustability is essential for creating versatile courses suitable for different skill levels of riders and horses.

Product Details

Nylon Jump Cups


Nylon Break-away Adapter


Keyhole Track

NylonAluminumMetal with HDG Surface
Size50x15x500mm50x15x1220mm50x15x1500mm; 50x15x1220mm

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