Horse Walker

Designed for optimal performance and the well-being of your horses, our horse walkers provide a versatile and controlled exercise environment that caters to the unique needs of each equine companion.

Whether for conditioning, rehabilitation, or daily exercise, our walker is a valuable addition to any equine facility, providing a safe and reliable solution for maintaining your horses' health and fitness.

Adjustable speeds, direction changes, and programmable settings allow you to customize each session, ensuring that your horses receive the exercise they require. 

- Horse Training Walker

Horse Walker

Horse walkers are commonly used in equestrian facilities for various purposes, including warming up, cooling down, and controlled exercise.

Choosing the right horse walker involves considering various factors.

Consider the safety first. Emergency stops, safety releases, and other features ensure the well-being of horses and handlers.

Determine the number of horses you need the walker to accommodate. Choose a horse walker with the appropriate number of arms or partitions to handle your current and potential future needs.

Consider your local environment and decide whether you need a roof. The horse walker with complete roof ensure it can be used year-round no matter the weather. 

Product Details

Horse walkers are valuable tools in equine management, offering a controlled and efficient means of providing exercise and maintaining the well-being of horses in various settings.

It provides a circular track with 4-10 arms to accommodate more horses training simultaneously.

For 4 horses
For 6 horsesFor 8 horsesFor 10 horses

Components of Horse Walker, optional sprinkler system and Auto-lubrication is available.

Divider Panels
Base/foundationStainless Steel Wire RopesDrive SystemControl Box and weather cover
A solid welded frame with mesh and rubber sheet on bottom

The hot dip galvanized foundation of the walker provides stability and support for the entire structure.

Intertwined and woven SS304 wire rope to secure the hanging arms.

Two SS304 wire ropes acting as a double safeguard to ensure prolonged usage.

The motorized drive system powers the rotation of the circular track. whichs including Germany electric engine and durable belts.

Use control box to start and stop running and control the running direction.

With Emergency stop button

The weather cover is used to protect your control box from the elements.

Inside & Outside Fence Panel Option

With Tube Fence PanelWith HDPE Panel With Pine Wood / With Bamboo Wood / With Plastic BoardsWith Rubber Sheet

Horse Walker Rubber Mat

The rubber flooring is made of a durable, non-slip material. Click here to know more.

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