Horse Walker

Designed for optimal performance and the well-being of your horses, our horse walkers provide a versatile and controlled exercise environment that caters to the unique needs of each equine companion.

Whether for conditioning, rehabilitation, or daily exercise, our walker is a valuable addition to any equine facility, providing a safe and reliable solution for maintaining your horses' health and fitness.

Adjustable speeds, direction changes, and programmable settings allow you to customize each session, ensuring that your horses receive the exercise they require. 

- Horse Training Walker

Horse Walker

Horse walkers are commonly used in equestrian facilities for various purposes, including warming up, cooling down, and controlled exercise.

Choosing the right horse walker involves considering various factors.

Consider the safety first. Emergency stops, safety releases, and other features ensure the well-being of horses and handlers.

Determine the number of horses you need the walker to accommodate. Choose a horse walker with the appropriate number of arms or partitions to handle your current and potential future needs.

Consider your local environment and decide whether you need a roof. The horse walker with complete roof ensure it can be used year-round no matter the weather. 

Product Details

For horse trainers or training institutions who need to train horses on a daily basis, horse walking machines can ensure healthy training of horses while liberating labor, making it a perfect horse training and horse wellness solution that combines safety and cost-effectiveness.

The equine fitness machine can enhance the horse's aerobic capacity, muscle development and cardiovascular system on a daily basis, and can also assist injured horses in bone recovery training as a horse rehabilitation equipment. During competition, it can help horses warm up before the competition, stimulate blood circulation, and help muscles relax after the competition.

Our professional automatic horse exerciser range in diameter from 10m to 22m and can accommodate 4-10 horses simultaneously. The customizable horse exercise system can be customized according to the size of the venue and usage requirements. The horse walker is equipped with a motor, shock-resistant arms, customized push gates and fences. Industrial belts rotate with low maintenance and no noise. 

For 4 horses
For 6 horsesFor 8 horsesFor 10 horses

Control box: The control box controls forward and reverse rotation, training direction, duration and speed to provide customized training for your horse. The safety of trainers and horses is the most important, so the control box is equipped with an emergency stop device in case any unexpected situation requires an emergency stop.

Frame: The frame of the horse walking machine is made of high-quality steel and the surface is hot-dip galvanized and has a very long service life. It is structurally robust with high safety standards.

Divider: Each push gate is constructed of heavy-duty wire mesh and high-quality rubber sheets.

Inner and outer fences: You can choose different types of curved fences for your horse walking machine to protect the safety of your horses. We provide fences infilled with bamboo board ,and pvc fence, steel tube, solid HDPE sheet, rubber sheet.

  • The PVC fence has a height of 5-7', UV resistance.

  • Steel tube fence height is also 5-7’, the height can also be customized

  • The HDPE fence is UV-resistant, with a thickness of 0.315" and a height option of 5’, 6’, 7’, or custom sizes.

  • The bamboo fence is strong and cannot be broken by kicking with a Tongue & Groove structure and with a thickness of 20-32mm.

  • The rubber sheet fence has 4 feet of rubber on both sides close to the horses to reduce accidental injuries, with wire mesh on top. For highly nervous horses, the fencing can be customized with 6-foot-tall rubber panels.

With Tube Fence PanelWith HDPE Panel With Pine Wood / With Bamboo Wood / With Plastic BoardsWith Rubber Sheet

Inner and Outer Hinged Gates: These are sturdy galvanized steel frame gates with spring bolts, facilitating horse entry.

Roof: A horse walking machine with a roof can allow horses to be trained without being affected by the environment. You can choose a semi-enclosed roof or a fully enclosed roof. It's recommended for areas with frequent rain or snow. The roof can be equipped with colorful steel tiles or cost-effective canvas, depending on your environment and budget.

Flooring: We offer non-slip, durable rubber mats for extra protection.

Assembly: Our horse walking machine can be assembled in 2 hours. Detailed installation instructions and accessory details provided.

Optional: automatic sprinkler system to cool down the horses and wash away dirt and sweat from the horses, keeping them clean and hygienic; Galvanized steel control box protective cover. 

Divider Panels
Base/foundationStainless Steel Wire RopesDrive SystemControl Box and weather cover
A solid welded frame with mesh and rubber sheet on bottom

The hot dip galvanized foundation of the walker provides stability and support for the entire structure.

Intertwined and woven SS304 wire rope to secure the hanging arms.

Two SS304 wire ropes acting as a double safeguard to ensure prolonged usage.

The motorized drive system powers the rotation of the circular track. whichs including Germany electric engine and durable belts.

Use control box to start and stop running and control the running direction.

With Emergency stop button

The weather cover is used to protect your control box from the elements.

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