Horse Stalls

The high-quality horse stall with sliding door or hinged door is an essential piece of equestrian equipment for any stable or barn. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, HOPE HORSE horse stall provides a safe and comfortable environment for your horses. Our horse stall is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure the well-being of your horses like strong steel and wood materials, smooth surface with non rusty HDG or non toxic powder coated treatment. 

- Horse Stall Feeders & Waterers & Hay Racks

Stable Accessories

Horse Feeder:

Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials like aluminum and stainless steel, our horse feeder stands the test of time, withstanding the elements and the demands of stable life.

Facilitate effortless loading and cleaning with a user-friendly design that prioritizes convenience for both horse owners and caretakers.

Water Bowl:

Effortlessly quench your horse's thirst with our automatic water bowl – a touch of the tongue, a sip of freshness, ensuring a constant supply without manual intervention.

Crafted from materials like stainless steel and iron that resist rust and degradation, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Designed to accommodate the different needs of multiple horses, our drinker boasts different capacity.

Wall-Mounted Steel Hay Racks:

They are the space-saving solution that combines durability with practicality. Designed to keep hay accessible yet tidy, this rack is an essential addition to any horse stall.

Product Details


Aluminum Feeder

Aluminum construction provides strength without unnecessary weight, making it easy to handle and install.

The feeder is naturally resistant to corrosion, ensuring it maintains its sleek appearance even in challenging weather conditions.

The smooth surface of aluminum makes cleaning a breeze, contributing to a hygienic and low-maintenance feeding solution.

Capacity: 13L

alu feeder-1

alu feeder

Stainless Steel Feeder

Designed to withstand heavy use, this feeder ensures a secure and sanitary feeding environment for your horse.

Stainless steel construction provides exceptional resistance to corrosion, maintaining a clean and hygienic feeding area.

Built to withstand the rigors of stable life, the feeder ensures longevity and reliability, even in high-traffic environments.

The smooth, non-porous surface of stainless steel makes cleaning simple, preventing the buildup of bacteria and contaminants.

Capacity: 25L

Water Bowl

Stainless Steel Horse Drinker 

Engineered with precision, this drinker combines sleek design with durability to provide a consistent and clean water source for your horses.

Stainless steel construction ensures resistance to rust, maintaining water quality and drinker longevity.

Keep your horses hydrated with an automatic refilling system that ensures a continuous supply of clean water.

Capacity: 1.8L

With classic yet robust design, hope horse cast iron water bowl ensures a reliable and consistent water source for your equine companions.


The traditional cast iron design adds a touch of classic elegance to your stable environment.

Cast iron provides a solid and stable base for the drinker, ensuring durability and stability.

Keep the water supply steady with an automatic refilling mechanism, catering to the hydration needs of your horses.

The rugged construction of cast iron makes the drinker resistant to the impact of various weather conditions.

Capacity: 1.8L/2.5L

Hay Rack

Crafted from robust steel, this hay rack provides a secure and durable feeding station for your horse.

Wall-mounting design maximizes stall space, offering a clutter-free and organized feeding area.

The open-top design allows for quick and easy loading of hay, simplifying daily feeding routines.

The HDG finish make the racks rust-resistant; the powder-coated finish adds rust resistance and a sleek appearance to complement any stable setting.

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