Horse Jumps

Horse show jump wings are essential components of the sport of show jumping. Jump wings are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as PVC, aluminum, or wood. These materials allow for easy assembly and transportation of the jumps. The height of the jumps can be easily modified by changing the placement of the poles on the wings. This adjustability accommodates the varying skill levels of horses and riders, ensuring that the competition is both challenging and fair.Horse show jump wings often feature decorative elements and colors that contribute to the overall theme of the event. The aesthetics are not only for visual appeal but also serve to engage spectators and create an atmosphere of excitement during the competition.

- Horse Jump Pole & Pole Trailer

Horse Jump Accessories

Horse jumping poles are essential components of show jumping courses, used to create obstacles that horses and riders navigate. They are placed horizontally on jump standards to form jumps of varying heights and widths. Horse jump poles are available in various materials, including wood, aluminum. plastic, or a combination. Wood provides a traditional look, while Plastic offers lightweight and weather-resistant options. Poles come in different lengths to accommodate various jump configurations. Standard lengths allow for flexibility in designing courses suitable for different skill levels.

Show jumping end caps are designed to fit over the ends of show jumping poles. They come in various sizes and they are lightweight and easy to attach or remove from the poles.

They provide a protective covering for the ends of the poles, reducing the risk of injuries to horses and riders. 

The pole trailer designed for transporting and storing jumping poles used in horse training and show jumping activities. It is equipped to securely carry a quantity of jumping poles, ensuring their safe transport to different locations such as training facilities, competition venues, or storage areas.

Product Details

Soft Poles

Color: Green, blue, black,white,pink,red,purple,etc.Size: 10*10*300cm; Customized Size are available Feature: PVC canvas and foam, recover easily after being pressec.

Aluminum Poles

Color: customized color

Square shape pole - L: 300cm Dia.: 6cm

Round shape pole -L: 300/350cm Dia.: 10cm

Hexagon shape Pole - L: 300/350cm Dia.: 10cm

Feature: Powder coating surface

Plastic Poles

plastic poles

plastic poles1


Single color:Red,Yellow,Blue,White, etc.

Various colors:red/white, blue/yellow, white/blue, etc.

Length: 300cm;350cm. Dia. 10cm 

Optional Choice:

With wooden pole in or not

Wooden Poles

Color: customized color

Length: 300cm/350cm/400cm

Dia. 94mm

Feature: pressed by multiple layers of solid wood, very strong

Pole Caps

Material: UV Stabilized Plactic materialDia.: 88mm,93mm,95mm,97mm,100mmPacking: for 88~97mm, 200pcs/ctn; for 100mm,  100pcs/ctn

Pole Trailer



The perfect pole trailer to store or transport your jump equipment (poles, gates & planks) in and out of your arena and its an ideal equipment for keeping them from moisture. 

This design was to be pulled with a quad-bike or a compact tractor.

Overall Length: 4200mm

Trailer bed length: 2500mm

Width: 1200mm

Overall Height: 1830mm

Trailer bed height: 560mm

6 pole racks (3 each side)

Wheels:  16X6-50-8

Max load per wheel: 280kgs(615lbs)

Loading Q'ty: 80-100pcs

Steel construction with full galvanized.

Hand guided platform

Lightweight & easy manoeuvrability

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