Arena Footing&Leveller

Optimize the performance and safety of your equine arena with our premium arena footing solutions. We understand the importance of providing a superior riding surface for both horse and rider, and our range of arena footings is designed to deliver exceptional quality, stability, and durability.

Experience the difference in your riding experience with our advanced arena footing. Specially formulated for optimal traction, shock absorption, and stability, our footing ensures a consistent and reliable surface for a variety of equestrian disciplines. Whether you're training, competing, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, our footing enhances the overall performance of your arena.

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Arena Footing&Leveller

The purpose of the horse arena surface is to provide a supportive and safe footing for horses and riders during various equestrian activities such as training, dressage, jumping, and more. The composition of the arena surface is critical for ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

The optimal composition of fiber mixtures in the surface of equestrian jumping arenas is contingent upon the specific requirements of the discipline and the desired performance characteristics. Factors such as the type of jumps, frequency of use, and the need for stability influence the selection of fiber types and their respective percentages.

HOPE HORSE supplies you different sand addictives as follow.

Product Details

It's essential to acknowledge that each arena's requirements may differ, and a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs of the discipline, the type of footing desired, and the characteristics of the participating horses is critical. Therefore, the content of fiber mixtures is typically determined through collaboration between arena designers, footing experts, and equestrian professionals to ensure that the resultant surface meets the performance standards and safety requirements of the particular equestrian activity. HOPE HORSE supply different polyester textile and geotextile horse footing blend.


Polyester Textile


The fluffy geotextile white


The fluffy geotextile green


Geotextile small flakes

Geotextile Footing Blend: Polyester Textile and Fiber
75% GTA+25% Fiber75% GTB+25% Fiber
GTA mixture

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