Horse Jumps

Horse show jump wings are essential components of the sport of show jumping. Jump wings are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as PVC, aluminum, or wood. These materials allow for easy assembly and transportation of the jumps. The height of the jumps can be easily modified by changing the placement of the poles on the wings. This adjustability accommodates the varying skill levels of horses and riders, ensuring that the competition is both challenging and fair.Horse show jump wings often feature decorative elements and colors that contribute to the overall theme of the event. The aesthetics are not only for visual appeal but also serve to engage spectators and create an atmosphere of excitement during the competition.

- Dressage Arena & Letters

Dressage Arena

A dressage arena is a designated and marked area used for dressage training and competitions in equestrian sports. It consists of a rectangular or square-shaped space with specific dimensions, demarcated by letters at key points along the perimeter. The arena serves as the stage for riders and horses to perform a series of predetermined movements and exercises.

Dressage arenas typically adhere to standard dimensions defined by the governing equestrian organizations. The size may vary, but a standard dressage arena is often 20 meters by 40 meters or 20 meters by 60 meters.

The perimeter of the dressage arena is marked with letters positioned at specific intervals. These letters serve as reference points for riders to execute movements and transitions accurately. Common letters include A, K, E, H, C, M, B, and F.

Product Details

Hope Horse supply two sizes of dressage arena.

The short or small dressage arena measures 20m x 40m ( 66 ft. x 132 ft.) and is used for training purposes, it can also be used for Introductory level dressage tests. It includes:

1) Line Cone 28pcs/set
2) Corner Cone 4pcs/set
3) Rail 50x150x4m 30pcs/set
4) Letters: A,B,C,E,F,H,K,M,

The standard or long dressage arena measures 20m x 60m (66 ft. x 197 ft.) This arena is used for all dressage testing above the Introductory level. It includes:

1) Line Cone 38pcs/set
2) Corner Cone 4pcs/set
3) Rail 50x150x4m 40pcs/set
4) Letters: A,B,C,E,F,H,K,R,M,P,S,V


Corner ConeLine ConeRailsLetters
The cones made of white UV stabilized polyethylene have super toughness and durability and can withstand abuse and all weather conditions. With embedded design, easy to install.The rails that are made of 100% UV resistant PVC. Ribbed rails add strength, durability and rigidity.Made from polypropylene, Letters are maintenance free with no sharp edges.

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