Horse Stalls

The high-quality horse stall with sliding door or hinged door is an essential piece of equestrian equipment for any stable or barn. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, HOPE HORSE horse stall provides a safe and comfortable environment for your horses. Our horse stall is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure the well-being of your horses like strong steel and wood materials, smooth surface with non rusty HDG or non toxic powder coated treatment. 

- Custom European Horse Stall Fronts

Horse Stalls with Hinged door

Classic elegance meets modern functionality here and explore the sophisticated design, premium craftsmanship, and thoughtful details. This type Hinged Horse Stall exudes timeless elegance. Crafted with a classic aesthetic, this stall pays homage to traditional equestrian style while seamlessly integrating modern features for a truly refined space. Experience the epitome of convenience with the hinged door feature. The door swings open smoothly on robust hinges, providing easy access to your horse. We prioritizes quality in every detail. The stall is constructed with premium material, ensuring durability and longevity. Smooth surfaces and meticulous finishes showcase the commitment to creating a safe and comfortable space for your cherished horse.


Designed with the well-being of your horse in mind, the Stall incorporates effective ventilation for a fresh and airy atmosphere. Ample space allows your horse to move and communicate comfortably, promoting relaxation and contentment in a stall.


The grills and frames are typically constructed from heavy-duty materials, often steel, providing a robust and durable structure for the horse stall. The frames undergo a hot-dip galvanization process, which creates a protective layer that covers the entire surface, offering corrosion resistance to the underlying metal.

Product Details


绿色 The grills often feature secure welded joints, providing additional strength and stability to the overall frame structure.

蓝色 The boards are installed horizontally, contributing to a traditional and visually pleasing design. Horizontal lines can make the stall appear wider and create a sense of balance.

红色 Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, making aluminum feeders suitable for use in a stable environment where exposure to moisture and other elements is common.

黄色 The smooth surface of aluminum is easy to clean, contributing to a hygienic feeding environment.

Different Types for you

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Length10', 12', 14 and Custom sizes (from 3m to 6m)
Height86", 90" 96" and custom height (from 2.2m to 2.5m)
Square Tube Frame2"x2”(50x50mm), Grills:1”(25mm)
Surface TreatmentHot Dip Galvanized Finish or Powder Coating Finish (Black, Red, Hunter Green, Navy, etc)
Infilled OptionBamboo Wood, Pine Wood, and Plastic Board





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