Arena Footing&Leveller

Optimize the performance and safety of your equine arena with our premium arena footing solutions. We understand the importance of providing a superior riding surface for both horse and rider, and our range of arena footings is designed to deliver exceptional quality, stability, and durability.

Experience the difference in your riding experience with our advanced arena footing. Specially formulated for optimal traction, shock absorption, and stability, our footing ensures a consistent and reliable surface for a variety of equestrian disciplines. Whether you're training, competing, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, our footing enhances the overall performance of your arena.

- Arena Leveller

Arena Footing&Leveller

The primary function of a horse arena leveller is to level the riding surface. Uneven or rutted footing can be uncomfortable for horses and may lead to performance issues or injuries. The leveller helps in distributing and leveling the arena's surface material, ensuring a uniform and stable footing.

The blades or teeth of the leveller are effective in breaking up clumps of material, such as compacted soil, sand, or footing additives. This process prevents the formation of uneven patches and allows for better consistency in the arena surface.

In addition, Horse arena levellers are designed to evenly distribute footing materials across the arena. This is particularly important for maintaining the right balance of materials, such as sand or fibers, to create an optimal surface for various equestrian activities.

Product Details
Working Depth(mm)50-100
Working Width(mm)1800
Matched Power(HP)25-4035-5560-80

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