Keyhole Track

We have three material: HDG strip can keep 10-15 years no rusty, normal length can be 120cm(4 feet) or 150cm (5feet).  Aluminium keyhole track, normal length can be 120cm (4feet) or 150cm (5feet), never rusty.

Nylon keyhole track, made form nylon meterial, UV resistance, length is 50cm per piece. Easy to send by courier.


Product Specification:

Material: Aluminum; Nylon

Usage: Equestrian training and competition

Surface Treatment: Hot Dip Galvanizion

Color: Silvery; white

Length: 2',3', 4', 5' and 6' long, any length can be available


1.UV resistance
2.Unable to rust or rot 
3.More safe
4.Customized color

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