Product Attributes:

1.Material: Steel Q235/Q235B

2.Surface Treatment: Hot Dip Galvanized; Poweder coated; Hot Dip Galvanized and Poweder coated

3.Regular Length: 3m(10'); 3.5m(12'); 4m(14')

4.Infill Material: Bamboo; Pine Wood

5.Color: Silvery; Black; Red; Dark Green; Blue, etc.

6.Door Type: Sliding Door; Swing/Hinged Door

7.Optional Items: Swivel Feeder System; Feeder; Drinking Bowl


1. Infill Metarial: High Strength; Durable; Easy to install

2. Smooth surfaces with no sharp edges, anti Cribbing & Chewing 

3. Flexible and Convenient Swivel Feeder System: Fixed with stubborn screw, not easy to fall off

4. Hot Dip Galvanized Treatment: 10~20 years no rusty.

5. Doorknobs, door plugs, etc., are made of stainless steel strong and rust-proof

6.Good connection performance. The welding structure has high rigidity and good integrity.



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